About Me

About Me

Michele Smith ArtistMy name is Michele Smith and I am a glass and silver jewellery artist.

My inspirational journey started with me making lead and copper foiled stained glass pieces. I was bewitched by the stunning array of colours and textures that glass came in and aimed to do them justice in the pieces that I created from them. As my work progressed, I experienced a strong desire to be able to create the glass myself. I wanted ownership from start to finish of my art work.

Over time, this has led me forwards to making solid and blown glass beads, every one of them made by myself… unique, beautiful and often quirky. For me it’s all about the way the different organic shapes of each bead then work together that inspires me to turn them into works of art, in the form of jewellery.

Each bead and piece of jewellery starts as an idea but as I work with them they evolve and transform creating a new identity.


I work from my Studio in rural Buckinghamshire surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and nature.

I love scenery, natural phenomena, architecture and travelling and I draw upon all of these elements for my inspirations when working.

I am constantly photographing shapes, colours, textures and the spaces they produce focussing in on both larger and smaller details that I observe around me. These captured visual images form within my mind and unfold as new 3-dimensional creations.

Previous events and exhibitions

  • Mary Maggs Contemporary Arts and Crafts Gallery, Broadway, Cotswolds, UK
  • The Upstairs Gallery, Berkhamsted, Herts, 
  • The Little Bird Gallery, Wendover, Bucks, UK 
  • Battersea Contemporary Art Fair
  • Take Four – Exhibition of four artists of Contemporary Paintings and Glass Art at Obsidian Art
  • Artist in Residence at schools in Bucks and Beds
  • Glass workshops

Contact details

Mobile 07941862497



Private visits to The Studio are welcomed and can be made by contacting Michele directly.